When Should I Start Investing?

When it comes to answering the question of when it is best to start investing, there are a few items to consider. While you need to consider what makes the most sense for you as an individual, the best strategy for investing is to start as early as possible, and contribute as much as you […]

The Best Places For Penny Stocks Information

Many people are horrified at the thought of trading penny stocks, however just as many have made a lot of money doing that exact thing. If you are a neophyte and you are wondering where you might find information on penny stocks, there are many websites that provide information on the topic, as well as […]

Understanding Mutual Funds and How They Can Work For You

According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, a mutual fund is defined as a company that offers portfolios which are comprised of a variety of stocks, bonds, and/or other holdings. These professionally managed funds limit the consumer’s exposure by diversifying the portfolio so that the consumer is not reliant on one particular stock […]

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Penny Stocks

Many investors hear that penny stocks are one way to quickly make a lot of money in the financial markets. Naturally, they then wish to hear more about it. And because penny stocks by definition can be traded without using much money, they are especially attractive to people who don’t have much money. What are […]

Gaining Interest With Your Savings

Finances are an issue that every individual needs to understand, and one of the more important aspects of your financial picture is how to save money, both for emergencies and retirement. Many do not realize there are financial institutions where you can put your money into and have it gain interest over time. This is […]

Penny Stocks: The Pros and Cons

Penny stocks are inexpensive and some call them cheap, small, but volatile market investments for profit. They almost never cost a simple penny. The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) defines a penny stock to be everything below a $5.00 share. Even though there definitely are far below $5.00 stock trading on big networks such as NYSE […]

How Do You Compile Your List Of Penny Stocks?

Creating and compiling your own list of penny stocks is very important for anyone looking to invest in this risky venture, and you must make sure that you have done it the right way. You need to see if you can complete a full list before you start trading, and you will be able to […]

Penny Stocks: The Myths and Realities

Penny stocks allow investors to purchase a high number of shares in a company. If the stock increases dramatically, investors can earn great profits. Here are some common penny stock myths and how you can avoid scams. Penny Stock Myths Penny stocks are shares that don’t meet the requirements to be listed on the major […]

Investing Online 101

Online investing is one of the newest ways to invest in stocks or commodities. It allows users to find out the current value of their investments at any time they wish and from practically wherever one wants. If someone is hunting in the woods and has enough cellphone service to access the internet, they can […]